Guild Wars 2 - 30 Day Challenge

Day 03 - A Class you are awful at playing?

All of them?

Honestly… I feel like I’m a terrible player no matter what the class.  I don’t follow prescribed ‘builds’ because it seems too mechanical to me, and I have a terrible attention span for all the things that go on sometimes.  Conditions and area effects and red circles of doom and bad depth perception and ADD… all kind of adds up to me and I feel horribly inadequate.  Especially playing around other people who are actually competent.

I’m worst at melee and don’t even have a character with a melee class.  Necromancer is fun, but I don’t feel all that useful, forget about that other form they can take all the time, and tend to get myself in trouble with my minions running all over because I don’t pay attention to them well.   Same with ranger and the pet, and I’ve gotten asked why I keep using the shortbow because apparently it’s not the preferred weapon?  I dunno.  Elementalist I just don’t feel like I’m using all the elements to their fullest potential.   Engineer I think I’m just putting down turrets and hoping for the best.  I can’t play mesmer to save my life because I just don’t have the head to remember all the things I can do. 

So… yeah, all of them seems to be the correct answer here.  But hey, as long as I’m not getting too many other people killed in the process, right?

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